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Hey, thanks for stopping by to find out who I am and where I come from!! All your questions about me are answered below. All of them. Haha If you still have a question about me and I haven’t answered it - please write me at!


  • Birth Place: Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Current Place of Living: Berlin, Germany

  • Birthdate: July 21, 1974

  • Where are your parents from? My mother is Canadian from Ukrainian, Polish and German ancestry and my father is from Jamaican with Scottish, Indian roots.

  • Do you have siblings? Yes, I have a sister and a brother who are twins 3 years younger than me

  • What instruments do you play? Piano, Guitar, Singing and a little Bass Guitar


  • What was your first band and name of the band: 69km founded in 1994, I was the bass player and back up vocalist - we were alternative rock music!


  • When did you go solo? 2004


  • What did you do for a living before music? I had several jobs including roofing, painting, construction, dish-washing, moving people’s furniture, and serving in restaurants but the longest job I had was as a customer service representative at Hertz Car-Rental at the Vancouver airport.


  • When did you become a full-time musician? I started performing cover songs at a pub in White Rock, Canada in the summer of 2005 with a friend of mine. I started doing only original music for a living in 2013 when I moved to Berlin.


  • What is a ‘hug thug’ and why do you hug people so much? A hug thug is just a fun term for someone who enjoys hugging and often initiates hugging and respectfully connecting with people through a hug.Anyone who likes hugging is a friend of mine! I love hugging because it’s a fun way to say hello and welcome and goodbye with a lot of love for my fellow man!


  • Who to people most liken your music to? In North America people say Jason Mraz, in Europe people say James Blunt.


  • Who do you liken yourself to most in today’s music scene? Bruno Mars’ fun lovin personality with Ed Sheeran’s softness, earnestness and approachability.


  • How many albums have you released in total? As of 2019, I’ve released 5 full original albums and a 5 song EP and a ‘best-of’ album collection called Stronger, Higher, Faster.


  • What are some highlights or favourite moments of your career so far? On top of many live performances and personal developments here are a few listed below that I’m proud of in no particular order:

    • ‘The Voice of Germany’ in 2017 and being seen by some 5 million viewers and speaking German on TV as well as receiving another 2 million views from it on YouTube!

    • Having my songs be a finalist or semifinalist in 12 world songwriting contests over the years including the International Song Contest, Billboard Song Contest, and the Great American Song Contest has been so exciting and continues to be.

    • Having ‘Alone Together’ reach the top 100 in the German radio charts in 2014

    • Performing ‘Stronger, Higher, Faster’ for the athletes in the Olympic Village in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    • Opening for K’Naan (Waving Flag world cup anthem 2010), Colin James (Famous singer in Canada), Allen Stone (Famous blues singer from the US), and Kate Miller-Heidke (Famous Australian singer)

    • Sharing shows with Nickelback before they became famous back in 1996!

    • Touring Europe and the world since 2013 performing in over 20 countries worldwide including China and Brazil.

    • Meeting Yvonne Catterfeld (famous actor and singer in Germany) on The Voice

    • Being on Canada’s Got Talent 2011 and being able to perform for Martin Short (Actor from Canada), Measha Brueggergosman (Canadian Opera Singer) and Stephan Moccio (Canadian Songwriter for Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus)

    • Reaching over 200,000 views of ‘What A Wonderful World’ on YouTube

    • Reaching over 100,000 views of ‘La Vie En Rose’ on YouTube

    • Performing over 1,000 shows in my career so far


  • What do you do for fun outside music? As many sports as I have time or opportunity to play, basketball, volleyball (indoor and beach) and running 10km races or marathons have been my latest sports because I’m away from Canada and on tour a lot!


  • What is the ‘As You Let Go: Songwriting Sundays’ about and why is it different from the rest of your albums? This album came as a result of my starting a series called ‘Songwriting Sundays’ where I wrote a song every Sunday and released it on my YouTube channel and did that for 8 months straight from 2015 to the 2016. I took my favourite songs from that time and put them on this album. What makes this album different is that every song was recorded with just 2 tracks - meaning there is only one vocal track and one instrumental track - either guitar or piano. I wanted to do it this way because I wanted to express each song as it was written and have it shown in a very simple way so the listener can imagine more production on the song or not but can truly enjoy the song itself without a production style direction as much as possible.



  • What’s the hardest thing about being a musician? Learning to trust your instincts and not force anything and not letting your ego get in the way of your happiness and success. So that was a couple things but they’re all related!


  • What’s the easiest thing? Songwriting and jamming. Do you mentor or help other new musicians out? Yes - I often do a lot of songwriting and performance coaching for musicians open to or wanting help in overcoming challenges and obstacles blocking them from pursuing their dreams.

Still more questions for me? Email me at - I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have!

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