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'Starting All Over Again' Tour 2024

The tour kicks off in Hamburg in May!

I'm starting all over again for the first time with my music! Yes, I'm going back to when I started recording music in my bedroom back in 2005, just learning as I went, not knowing where I was going exactly but loving the process! I have a new family, many new perspectives on life, and a lot of new stories from marriage, raising children and overcoming addiction. I'm writing new songs, recording some of my favorite cover songs, and re-recording new versions of my own songs, refreshing them and giving them new lives!

'Alone Together' - my only single to reach the top 100 in German radio - is the first such song to be released in May!

What's The Inspiration Behind The Tour Name and The Tour Itself?

In 2013, I moved to Germany which impacted me significantly, but since 2018 my life has completely changed; I have a new family that includes my wife and 3 children which have given me many new perspectives on life from the challenges they've provided me.

Three main themes have come up; 1: Developing and growing a healthy marriage 2: Raising joyful and confident children through relationship and 3: Overcoming and healing a lifelong addiction which was affecting all areas of my life including my music career contributing to burn out.

In overcoming my addiction, trusting myself and being trustworthy has led to growing in my faith, and belief in my ability to serve others which has opened my eyes to the miracle of life itself. 'Starting All Over Again' is the name of the tour because that's what I'm doing with my life in all areas. I'm excited to share stories from what I've learned, what I'm currently learning, and how I'm still accepting the fact I'm a musician, story-teller and entertainer and it's who I am, not what I do.

Set List

Starting in May, I'll be releasing songs that I've written over the last years but haven't released yet, like 'The River', a song I co-wrote with former Voice of Germany Alum Léon Rudolf (artist name Lemony Rug) about the twists and turns of life and how when we let go and 'go with the flow' it really brings the joy in life. Or 'I Promise', a song I wrote for my wife Nicole about me never giving up on our relationship. A song that really helped me appreciate not having a plan 'b' in my life other than music is 'What Else Is There', a song I co-wrote with Gregor Hägele - also from the Voice who shared the same coach as me in Yvonne Catterfeld!

This tour represents my focus on the joy of writing, recording, and sharing the songs both online and live in concert and transforming my fears into excitement. The tour is part of my growth and I can't wait to see you at a show!

I'm currently planning two tours for this year: May/June in the north and west of Germany, and October/November planned for middle and southern Germany. I have these cities and dates already booked and am looking to add more dates so any help for venues and shows is greatly appreciated! 

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