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Join the Hug Club!

Enjoy an on-going exclusive experience of unreleased songs, downloads, interviews, song tutorials, and personal anecdotes and stories found nowhere else. Comment and connect with the worldwide community!

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Receive my newest unreleased demos and remixes and discover more than 20 unreleased singles from my musical journey of the last 25 years - hidden treasures are waiting for you!

Unreleased Originals

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Enjoy my interpretations of songs we all know, recorded and performed my way!

Acoustic Interpretations

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Dive into a new world of emotions and discover my songs matched with famous movies along with lyrics!

Movie Montages

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Learn how to play my songs on guitar or piano!

Song Tutorials

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Join the journey behind the scenes on various tours  traveling from city to city in Europe and North America in the last ten years!

On Tour With Me

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Travel back to the beginnings of my musical career and watch my first stage performances and music videos as well as nostalgic pictures!

Nostalgic Footage

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Join me at the moment of the birth of a song as I explain my inspiration and processes. Enjoy raw performances on the day of writing.

Songwriting Sundays

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Get to know me better through exclusive and personal interviews. Footage starts as early as 2001 and will continue forward!

Exclusive Interviews

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