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Six Observations Of My Two Year Old Son That Have Taught Me How To Live More Authentically

A lot of people have well-meaning beliefs and theories on how they want or intend to 'raise', 'teach' and 'show' their child how to 'be' in the world, or to navigate life for the best results. As much as I've had my own beliefs over the years, there were two facts I couldn't ignore at the time of the birth of our son that erased my theories and made me start at zero.

Fact number one was that I'd never actually been a father before and so to adhere to any theory which I had never personally tested could be a mistake as I didn't actually know. In order to have the freedom to change my mind on my thoughts and beliefs as new information arrived, I needed to admit I didn't know anything and therefore didn't have to prove myself right or 'righter' (what I call the inability to accept being wrong so you double down on your justifications in the face of facts pointing otherwise).

Secondly, I'd never been a father to a son, and specifically my son Peter as he'd never existed before in the history of mankind. This was going to be a unique experience of learning who he was in order to support him in getting the best from himself.

Acknowledging and remembering t