Community and accountability in songwriting is extremely motivating in finishing songs, getting valuable constructive feedback and pushing you as an artistic creative to the next level in your craft. Beginners to professionals can take part and feed off of each other as we create songs from scratch with exercises and techniques meant to free you from creative blockages and express what you are really trying to say in your song. My workshops are for anyone looking to write songs from the heart, express what they mean, meet other songwriters, learn by doing, learn by mentoring, and simply have a great sounding board to try out new material before recording it and sharing it with the world.


My 3 hr songwriting ‘bootcamps’ are a chance to develop your sense of ‘feeling’ when you are writing your song. Trusting your instincts and letting the song write itself instead of you ‘forcing’ yourself to slave away never really finishing the song or finishing it and not being proud that it’s exactly what you wanted to express and make people feel when they listen to it.

Beginner or professional, you will be songwriting, I will only be facilitating you with your 'flow' in finding the musical story and message inside yourself.

Focus will be on WHAT you are trying to say and HOW you are saying it authentically to your unique self. There will not be much focus on music theory, or songwriting theory such and chorus and verse etc. as that is all over YouTube and can be found easily. This is about expressing yourself and breaking free of rules that hold you back from writing a song that truly says what you want it to.

Bring your guitar or instrument you write on, and bring your smart phone or laptop or whatever you use to write music with and record. If you have no instrument, no problem, we will be working on melodies, harmonies and lyrics and all this can be written on your smart phone which has apps to record what you hear in your mind. Also bring head phones or ear phones so in case you need to hear things back clearer you can and you can multitrack that way if you want as well.


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