I never thought I could be on stage but somewhere deep in me I believed I could write a song. Songwriting was my first love - I used to buy CD's and immediately look to see who wrote the songs and study the form and structure of every song and lyric. But it wasn't until years later when I released my first album in 2007 that I started honing my skills and figuring out how to let go of form and structure when writing and letting the song write itself. And it was another 2 more years of teaching songwriting in schools before I really understood what songwriting was all about: telling a story that touches peoples hearts.


I love the art of songwriting and telling a story through music and really moving people with lyrics that are uniquely expressed, view points that are fresh and music that is fitting with what's being said.


I'm so excited to have a songwriting section on my website. A place where I can offer songwriting workshops, tips on how to write from the heart and say what you mean, a place where I can share songs I'm writing currently, connect with other songwriters and also offer my songwriting services - if you are not a songwriter - to express to someone special how you feel about them and immortalize that feeling forever in song. Learn more about the gift of song!


I've released 5 albums since 2007 and receive royalties from over 100 songs registered with the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). In 2015-2016 I wrote a song every Sunday in my series Songwriting Sundays and shared the songs on my YouTube-Channel. You can watch all the videos here!

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