Released February 22, 2019





The way that she looks at him makes me want her 
But I know it’s not her I want / She's glowing with pride 
Cause all his love for her shines 
And I’m jealous cause I WANT what they’ve got 

Her heart’s floating in the air / And his heart is too 
Like a scene from a Disney cartoon 
And I’m right in front of this / There’s no way I can’t notice 
But it’s such a beautiful view 

To see what it looks like / Reminds my eyes 
To be right in front of them / Melts me like spring does to ice 

Somehow this has woken some hope / Deep in my soul 
Maybe this could happen / Somehow I just don’t need to know 

Now as I drive home alone / Lights guiding where I go 
I can’t help but feel good inside 
There’s nothing more that I’m wanting / Nothing less that I need 
The most important part me’s back alive 

To feel what it looks like / Reminds my mind 
Frees my attention / To take in little things in this big life 

Somehow this is something I know / Deep in my soul 
I know this can happen / Somehow I feel like I know 

Love is a crazy thing, that changes your view 
I know this is nothing new, 
what a beautiful viewwww

Track: What A Beautiful View (MP3)