Released June 19, 2016





You reconcile my 
Reconcile my love 
Reconcile my... 

Kicked my door in, tore me through a whirlwind 
Shot me down and spun me in a tailspin 
Seduced my secrets 
Didn’t really understand what was happening 
Made me lose control of all of my senses 
Now I’m sitting here stripped of my protections 
Could this be my fall? 

No, no, you seem to know me 
Pull apart all the machinery in me 
Cut me up and perform life threat’ning surgery 
I don’t understand how this can be happening 
I’ve been buried for a thousand years now 
Dead and gone for a thousand years underground 


You reconcile my 
Reconcile my love 
Reconcile my X3 

I gave in to the moment 
Woke up deep into a new world of roses 
Caught amnesia for my past in the process 
Wasn’t looking to the future to find this 

You reconcile my love 
You heal my heart inside 
You reconcile my love, reconcile my…

Track: Reconcile (MP3)