Released February 22, 2019





Black and white, are the colors we’ve spread 
Right and wrong have seemed to be the first threat 
To the waters that are calm 
To the dove in our palms. 

I know you want to understand me 
I know you don’t want me to just agree 
I know you’ve got your stand 
And I know you want more than just peace 

You want the truth 
But it’s got sides 
We argue there’s only one 
We get lost in the night sometimes 

Can we keep on trying 
To see left and right 
Can we keep us together 
Can we shed a little light 
Can we see the whole picture 
Can we reach a greater height 
Can we talk this out 
Can we talk it all night 

Cause we want the same things 
That’s why we fight 
Isn’t it crazy - we want the same things 
We gotta talk until it’s right 

We want the truth 
And its got sides 
Let’s find what’s in me and you 
All the love between the lines 

Let’s talk about our pain 
Share our fears 
Talk about hate 
And feelings of love and tears 

Can we talk this out, can we talk this out

Track: Let's Just Talk (MP3)