Released June 19, 2016





You really are that smart/ It really is that smile 
That spills your charm and/ lasts for miles 
That explosive laugh it/ Just melts the walls 
I’m soaking in you and it’s tripping me and making me fall 

I’m stealing money from the bank and I’m keeping it 
I’m feeling richer than a Rockefeller relative 
I wanna tell you so that you can keep on glowing 
Just be yourself and please don’t stop - cause you own it 

Just a look 
Just a look is all it takes 
Just a look 
Just a look and its love 

Innocent naïve like/ You don’t even know 
And when you think out loud you grab me by the heart and hold 
Inquisitive while you/ Play with your hair 
Haven’t lost that little girl in you when you’ve got stories to share 

I have a dream and you/ Always seem to be in it 
Your dress is flowing, kisses blowing to me through the wind 
The sun gets jealous when you look at me the way you do 
Cause no day in July could possibly be as bright as you 
When I’m here with you – hope is real X2 
If I could catch a shining shooting star 
Then I’d be always where you are X2 
When I’m with you it’s like I’m in a Disney dream 
You keep me wishing on a star 
You’re beautiful just like a shooting star 
And when you get that look 
You constantly fill my heart - You’re making me love just who you are

Track: Just A Look (MP3)