Released August 10, 2012





Most unexpected most unplanned for random meeting in the world on vacation 
You came up to me and as we chatted felt myself lose control 
And I thought to myself 
This is different, what’s this feeling, I’m not sure what it is it’s been awhile 
So I kissed you and you kissed me back 
That’s when my heart got attacked 

I hate liking you 
I hate liking you 
I hate liking you oh so muchX2 
Cause my hearts falling fast 
And I'm not sure if you’ll catch it 
Catch it, and I don’t feel very comfortable with that…. 

So we laughed and we kissed some more yes til I walked you to your door winked you goodbye 
Then the next day though a little awkward saying bye everything seemed ok come on now 
We made plans to meet again another day and just couldn't wait
Tried to play it cool not be the fool and 
Stay away from my phone but I broke down and 
Sent you a love note 
Hoping to hear back 
And you can guess why I'm singing this song 


I get texts 
So annoyed when it’s not you 
I get phone calls– so irritating that they’re not you 
I'm waiting here just counting the minutes to the hours til you call 
its so ironic cause 

I waited so long for this feeling 
My walls are so high it’s so surprising 
And now that it’s here...I'm not sure I like feeling it this way. 

I hate liking you I hate wanting you 
I hate waiting here like a fool 
I hate wanting you I hate needing you 
I hate crushing on you so much 

Cause my heart is falling 
and my heart is falling so fast 
cause my hearts falling fast 
and I'm not sure if you'll catch it 
catch it catch it

Track: I Hate Liking You (MP3)