Released February 22, 2019





Round hole I was always the square peg 
I thought I always needed to change 
Smiles got heavy and broke my face 
I only - showed the sides - I needed to hide my shame 
But up became down, right felt so wrong I got lost - and though 
Night stole the day and clouds killed the light somehow I woke up in time 

To find my way back to my place 
To hear the boy that was always amazed 
To taste, smell, feel all the wet in the rain 
See-the-colours, fill-my-hope as fireworks retraced my name - in the sky 

Now everything’s changed, I’m not the same but I’m back right 
I’ll stay myself, and let whatever else wants to come my way come 
And I will stay in this beautiful place 
Sing my song and let it fill me with grace. 
I will grow in my beautiful place 
Sing my song and let light in, there’s no other way

Track: Back To My Place (MP3)