Released June 19, 2016





I’d been dead inside for months 
Frozen in my fears that you might not be the one 
To melt me 
Moments fell through my hands 
Like they were made of concrete 
Like a statue 
So you let go 
And I let you go too 
I didn’t fight, cause I didn’t know 
What I was losing 

Now my mem’ries keep me awake 
Cause I keep dreaming about all the love that you gave 
And how I couldn’t take it 
And how I let it blow away 
And what a lover and friend that I could be today 

You are the first one my heart could trust 
Falling in love months and days late was just not in time for us 

While I argued with myself, I couldn’t hear you, see or feel you 
I couldn’t drink you in 
If I had just looked in your eyes I would’ve been so mesmerized 
I would’ve saved myself from all this mess and fallen in love in time 

But here I am still dreaming awake 
Thinking about the love that I could have gave 
And how we would’ve made it 
And how we’d never fade away 
And how you’d love me and how you’d always hear me say 
I love you

Track: Awake (MP3)