Released July 19, 2007





I think you noticed oh 
I bet you noticed by now 
I’m just a tiny bit loud 
I’m my own little crowd 

Let your hair down 
Girl go head unbutton your shirt 
Lets see that famous smirk 
Hike a little more skirt 

We’re gonna dance mmhmm 
We’re gonna dance all night long 
Down a drink that’s really strong 
And sing your favourite song 

Cause all I really want is 
All I really want is you 
To have some fun 
And feel the moments one by one 
All I really want is 
All I really want is you 
To play with me 
And unlock our intimacy 

You’re so fantastic oh 
I’m so distracted its true 
I can’t take my eyes off you 
You’re such a beautiful view 

We’ll take a trip runaway 
Drive my car to the ground 
And leave it in someone else’s town 
I didn’t want it anyhow 


And when the sun rises up I know that you’ll be with me 
No matter what cause it couldn’t be better with anyone else you see 
With anyone else

Track: All I Want (MP3)