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It Might Come True


Close your eyes / Lay back your head / Let yourself fall to a different world instead / Dance with the girl / Build with the boy / Play in the sand all the world is your toy / Oh, oh, you will find that nothing matters this time / In dreams you believe / Staring at the / Star filled sky you’re / Tracing the patterns with your eyes / They feel so close / Every last one / Tomorrow will bring what today has undone / Oh, oh, you will see the sun come into your dreams / You believe and you see / Fill your glass with songs that last / Unfold your thoughts and let them blossom in autumn / Butterflies are following me / Nothing can hide the smiles over me / Fall to me / Hide in my arms / The warmth of your heart makes us fly to the stars / Hold your breath and / Look down slow / We’re flying above all the people below / Hope and pray / You will dream a song that sings like spring / If you dream, dream out loud / It might come true / It might come true / It might come true

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