Renegade Soul


People call me crazy cause they can’t quite figure me out 
But I know 
Nothing in this world can save me nothing ‘cept a little love for my heart broke soul 
(nothing can save me my heart broken soul) 
Sometimes I hear the song 
Sometimes I stand deaf and alone 
A cat that uses all nine lives 
That’s me – that’s just how I thrive 
When I hurt, when I heal, as I waltz through this crazy game 

I talk a million words in a beat 
When signs are sayin I shouldn’t speak 
Some days I’m in the front row at church 
Some nights I’m plotting plans in the dirt 
To escape, steal a day, run away, to another town to play 

Cause I’m a renegade soul 
I’m always ready to go 
Cause I don’t know how to slow – down 
To keep my feet on the ground and stick around 

Suffocating slowly in a soft warm comfortable place – doesn’t feel right 
Killing you with kindness is the way I like to get in your face - calm as midnight 

Sometime I lack the discipline 
I speed and pay the price again 
I know this day is soon gonna end 
Before its done I’m having no regerets 
Running hard, driving fast, jumping blind, falling further from my place

When I feel fine and my life is safe 
That’s when I draw the line and contemplate this place