Let's Make Out


I, I've got all my walls up 
and I can see that you've got yours 
and I don't mind 

I, I just wanna hold you 
maybe take you out for a drink 
and see what's behind that wink 

I, promise I won't try to save you 
no I won't be your crutch 
I won't ask for much 
cause right now I think its good for us 
to just make out 
let's make out, make out, make out, make out, make out muah muah 

I know we've broken many hearts and 
there isn't much left of our own 
and now we're standing all alone 
cause you know love is a complicated thing 
and there's really no reason 
no reason that we can't get past all this 
just for a little innocent kiss 

cause we don't just have the time 
to fix the leaks and cracks 
while you're sitting in my lap 
now I can't hold back from you 
so let's make out, let's make out 
let's make out, let's make out, let's just kiss 

I just wanna have some fun 
feel the warmth of the sun 
lose ourselves in this place 
I need to see just what you taste like 
and I, I don't care what people say 
I just wanna, wanna play 
I wanna take you there, maybe I'll take you there 

So let's make out, (oh underneath the moon) 
let's make out (oh underneath the stars) 
let's make out (oh in the back of class) 
let's make out (oh in the back of church) 
on a plane up high 
in the in the sky 
make you laugh again 
let's just kiss