It Might Come True


Close your eyes 
Lay back your head 
Let yourself fall to a different world instead 
Dance with the girl 
Build with the boy 
Play in the sand all the world is your toy 
Oh, oh, you will find that nothing matters this time 
In dreams you believe 

Staring at the 
Star filled sky you’re 
Tracing the patterns with your eyes 
They feel so close 
Every last one 
Tomorrow will bring what today has undone 
Oh, oh, you will see the sun come into your dreams 
You believe and you see 

Fill your glass with songs that last 
Unfold your thoughts and let them blossom in autumn 
Butterflies are following me 
Nothing can hide the smiles over me 

Fall to me 
Hide in my arms 
The warmth of your heart makes us fly to the stars 
Hold your breath and 
Look down slow 
We’re flying above all the people below 
Hope and pray 
You will dream a song that sings like spring 
If you dream, dream out loud 
It might come true 
It might come true 
It might come true