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Hey, we’re so happy you found us and are honored you contacted us for submission for our playlist! In order to continue building the trust and excitement with our playlist fans/audience and to expand the community, we have 2 ways you can submit to us.


  1. Have a quick listen to our playlist and pick one song that you really love and do a shout-out on Insta-Story to that artist and tag our playlist in it! This creates a great community and will bring attention from that artist to you at the very least.

  2. Then send us your song (whatever song you think BEST fits the playlist from whenever it was released - doesn’t have to be new) and we’ll consider it and give it a review regardless with feedback on 2 major areas: 1 Genre identification breaking down production and recording technique and 2 Songwriting divided into melody - its phrasing, rhythm, dynamics and harmony, and lyrical content - relating to clarity, consistency, prosody, and story impact.


Or you can submit to us via Submit Hub for a small fee where we give quality reviews and feedback there as well!